Sunday Vibes

Event date: 28 Jan 2024

Sunday, January 28, 2024
Enjoy a 6-course menu catered by Chef Marcel van Lier and Chef Kelvin Lin. Starting time is between 12.00h and 12.45h.
€149,- per cover
*Excluding drinks

Kelvin Lin
Chef Lin was born and raised near Groningen and after a difficult childhood moved at 15 to Asia where he took a classical cooking course. Here he learned a technique very different from the Western technique we are used to today. He learned a technique called Kaiseki. This is a traditional Japanese multi-course meal. A collection of skills and techniques.

In Asia, Chef Lin learned that he has an honorable profession. He thinks a lot in energies and states that as a Chef, he can pay a final tribute to a product. Therefore, the dish should be prepared as beautifully as possible, out of respect for the product. This is how he got it from his teachers.

Chef Lin mixes cuisines from China, Japan, Korea and Indonesia. A palette of flavors that cannot be missed. Let Chef Lin take you on his various travel experiences and come try out his skills on Sunday Vibes where he and Chef Marcel van Lier will serve a culinary 6 course walk for you.

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Sunday Vibes
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