Spakenburg Eel

Spakenburg Paling is a company that specializes in the trade and production of smoked eel. The company, founded in 1992 by brothers Peter and Alex Koelewijn, aims to end the diminishing quality and taste within the smoked eel industry. The brothers prepare their products with 100% fresh ingredients, without adding water or other additives, and according to original recipes and traditions. To this day, at Spakenburg Paling, the eel is still smoked in the traditional manner on a crackling wood fire, resulting in a high-quality product with a luxurious appearance down to the smallest details.


The Koelewijn family has been living and working within the fishing industry in Spakenburg, since the 16th century. It is therefore not surprising that these entrepreneurial brothers are following in the footsteps of their ancestors. They continue this family tradition with the time-honoured way that they smoke their eel. With an eye to the future, they make their products based on sustainability and quality. In 2018, the company built new business premises where hygiene and sustainability are at the highest level. Energy and water-saving measures have been implemented down to the last detail.


The eel of Spakenburg Paling shines in Latour’s dishes. The restaurant prides itself on using products produced locally with an eye for tradition, quality and sustainability.

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Spakenburg Eel
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