About Latour

With nature’s elements at your feet, enjoy and relax within the elegant ambiance of Restaurant Latour. Our staff offers you unparalleled hospitality with beautiful dishes and desirable wines.Our passion is to create memorable haute cuisine. After starting in 1990 our ambitions were rewarded with a Michelin Star award in 2005. An achievement to be more than proud of and which has been renewed annually ever since. However, we couldn’t be more rewarded than with the praise of our esteemed guests.

We aim not only to maintain this status but to improve ourselves on a daily basis with a cuisine binding traditions and international trends both at the same time. Inspired by the tastes of the world during our travels we translate our discoveries into exceptional culinary sensations, honouring the Green Philosophy.

In line with our reputation we offer an outstanding list of wines. The right combination of your preferences and our recommendations adds a special dimension to your culinary voyage. Our wine cellars include wines from both famous and traditional winemakers as well as small-scaled wineries which are more than worth tasting. In short, we feel privileged to offer you an unforgettable evening with outstanding culinary highlights.

Marcel van Lier with more than 20 years of experience is Latour’s chef de cuisine since the year 2000. He is inspired by the tastes of all parts of the world. His outstanding talent for refined cuisine together with both hand picked and the purest of ingredients are the basis for Latour’s artful gourmet creations. View more via @chefmarcelvanlier.

Stan Kerckhoffs is Latour’s restaurant manager, sommelier and SVH master since 2003. He combines his feel for the needs and wishes of his guests with an elegant and yet relaxed atmosphere. His outstanding knowledge of wine and wine-making secures an excellent choices of wine to accomplish your dish. Let him surprise you with his latest assets of his wine cellar. Want to find out more about maitre? that’s possible via @maitrelatour.

Young talent

Tim was the winner of the 2019 National Hennessy Hospitality Award and is Maitre in Restaurant Latour. Tim started his career in the hospitality industry as a dishwasher. After that, he moved on to bartending and waiter. In his career, he has been able to learn a lot from enthusiastic maitre d’s and entrepreneurs, which has shaped who he is today. He thinks it’s fantastic to amaze the guests at the table, and he loves interacting with them. Working with beautiful products is his passion. The Latour cheese cart is one of his passion products, and he always gives his input. Stay informed about what Tim is doing via @timwellenberg.

Kenny has been with Latour for over six years and now grown into the Junior Chef. His experiences in multiple highly-rated restaurants have taught him to find his peace in the kitchen. He can use his creativity in combining flavours and preparing dishes. Kenny likes to share creations from the Latour kitchen via social media. He has great plans for Latour. The restaurant isn’t one to jump on every bandwagon, but precisely because it focusses on sustainability, there is still a bright future ahead for Latour. If you want to see more creations, you can check out @kenny_latour.