Domein de Wijngaardsberg

The production of wine in Limburg is a centuries old practice. The oldest vineyard in the Netherlands can be found in Ulestraten in Limburg. There, the flanks of the Wijngaardsberg date back to the year 968. The vineyards stood there until 1800, but returned in 2002 as Domain de Wijngaardsberg.

The Wijnsgaardsberg was created in 968 when a Frankish king donated the land to the Abbey of Reims. The monks of the abbey cultivated these vineyards for centuries until they were forced to flee in 1800 from French occupiers. The land remained unused for years until 2002, when the land was reborn as Domain de Wijngaardsberg. Production started with half an acre of Pinot Gris and Auxerrois. The demand for these locally produced wines grew rapidly and over the years as did the company. Today, they produce 5 different wines on 3 hectares of land.

Restaurant Latour proudly serves the locally produced wines of Domein de Wijngaardsberg to its guests. The Auxerrois and Pinot Noir can be found on the wine list, among others.

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Domein de Wijngaardsberg
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