Het Kaasatelier – The Cheese Studio

Het Kaasatelier specializes in the purchasing, refining and supplying of luxury cheeses to the catering industry. The company was founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs Joost van Nijnatten and Lotte Franken. After years of experience in the luxury catering segment, they made the switch to refining cheese in 2014. With their experience and passion for the catering industry, the entrepreneurial couple likes to think along with catering companies about the right cheese assortment, cheese and beverage combinations and the processing of cheeses in dishes.

Craftsmanship is highly valued at Het Kaasatelier. The young entrepreneurs visit small farmers throughout Europe and look for cheese makers who have elevated the craft of cheesemaking to a true art. Het Kaasatelier enters into a close collaboration with these farmers in order to be able to supply the best cheeses to the Dutch catering industry.

Het Kaasatelier works together with Latour to select a suitable range of cheeses for the restaurant. The restaurant believes in young talent in the hospitality industry. Latour enjoys working with these local and young entrepreneurs who deliver quality with their passion and experience.

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Het Kaasatelier – The Cheese Studio
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